Zoku is Japanese for family, tribe or clan.  It is also a home-office hybrid, which has created a new category in the hospitality industry.

Winner of the 9th Annual Radical Innovation Award at the New Museum in New York City in September this year, Zoku’s live-work concept was voted by jury members as ‘the idea they felt had the power to change the hotel industry’

zoku home-office hybrid


Facilitating global living and working for the travelling professional, the Zoku home-office is a smart Zoku private loft area alongside communal social areas, which combines the services of a hotel with the social buzz of a thriving neighbourhood.

Zoku home-office hybrid

The Zoku concept has been 5 years in the making and is the result of 150 personal interviews with Zoku’s target audience – international mobile professionals.  This research uncovered a number of hotel and non-hotel related requirements of these ‘global nomads’, ranging from making social connections through to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

zoku home-office hybrid

The first Zoku opens in Amsterdam in early 2016


Searching for the Next Big Hotel Concept

Radical Innovation is a movement that challenges the hotel industry to elevate the guest experience using new thinking in design and operations.

Each year, submissions are reviewed by leaders in the hotel industry and presented in front of influencers and investors. Finalists are selected by our jury based on the following criteria: concept, design, creativity and potential impact on the industry. These ideas are then presented on stage during the Radical Innovation live event where the audience vote to determine the winners

Since 2007, Radical Innovation has awarded nearly $100,000 to progressive architectural and hospitality-minded thinkers.


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