Digital technology, big data and IOT means that businesses can now tap into a huge amount of data.

This data ranges from internal and external, primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative, social media and news feeds, multi-client and bespoke, and in a lot of cases the data can be accessed for free by your business.

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To help our clients understand the various types of data that can be used to generate market and consumer insights for their organisations, we have put together this infographic to explain where and how to access nine different type of data resources.

Nine types of data resources for uk home improvement businesses
9 types of data resources for home improvement businesses

Click on any of the images above to download the infographic as a pdf

The infographic splits the data resources into nine sections, highlighting the internal data you will already have, where to look for free data resources and when to pay for market data or commissioned studies.

  1. Customer learning
  2. Social media listening
  3. Sales and marketing KPIs
  4. Open-source data
  5. The Trend-Monitor website
  6. Competitor intelligence
  7. Trend-mapping
  8. Generic market data
  9. Commissioned studies

The Trend-Monitor Insight Frameworks will show you how to turn this data into actionable market and consumer insights for your business. Find out more here >

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