The Food Trends & KPI survey is a bi-annual survey of UK households that gathers evidence on food waste attitudes, knowledge and behaviour.

Running since 2007, it is the largest and longest running survey on food waste.

The research found that food waste has gone back to pre-pandemic levels. The adoption of food management behaviours in 2020 initially led to a 43% decrease in food waste, however the latest estimate has put food waste back in line with 2018 levels

In response to the pandemic, almost four in five (79%) UK citizens undertook additional food management behaviours, mainly freezing, batch cooking and using leftovers. However, UK citizens reported that these behaviours have declined as ‘normal’/busy lives begin to get in the way of these new behaviours.

The survey does point to more positive personal outlooks towards food waste, with seven in ten (71%) agreeing that ‘minimising my food waste deserves to be one of my top priorities’ and two in three (66%) agreeing that ‘I have been making more of an effort lately to reduce my food waste’

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