During May 2020, 80% of kitchen and bathroom projects were put on hold due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Just over half of these (56%) were mainly on hold due to the supplier or contractor being unable to undertake the work or get hold of the required products.

We know these facts because we collaborated with Andrew Davies at Taylist Media to run a consumer confidence survey for kbbreview, and the results were surprisingly positive for the industry, with only 7% of projects being cancelled due to the pandemic. In fact 13% of kitchen and bathroom projects went ahead despite the lockdown restrictions.

This quick survey gave us a snapshot of what was happening to kitchen and bathroom projects as we sat in lockdown, and we know from talking to key players within the industry that there has been a surge of interest in kitchen and bathroom projects as the lockdown restrictions are being lifted.

But this has left us with some very big questions …

How sustainable is this anecdotal ‘pent up demand’? How has Covid-19 impacted on peoples’ requirements for their kitchens and bathrooms? What are the opportunities for the industry as lockdown restrictions are lifted?

To answer these questions we are collaborating with industry analyst Jayne Barber of JKMR to assess and document the recovery of the kitchen and bathroom industry post Covid-19 by running a three-phase industry-wide macro to micro study.

Firstly, we are collating sales and project data contributed by a wide range of manufacturers and specialist retailers to generate a 12-month category-specific Demand Index which will track the demand for kitchen and bathroom products as the UK moves out of lockdown.

Secondly, we are running a quantitative online survey questioning UK homeowners who have purchased a complete new kitchen or bathroom since the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were applied in order to understand the impact of the pandemic on household spending priorities and purchase behaviours for kitchen and bathroom projects.

And thirdly, we are building on existing trend analysis by Trend-Monitor and mapping out developing macro trends, specifically assessing how these trends act as drivers for changing consumer behaviours in the home and ultimately the influence this has on the type of products purchased for homes in the future

We are running this study ‘for the industry, by the industry‘ and the data we get from the three phases will be vital to understanding the new market place and the new consumer. The only way to access this data is to participate as a kitchen or bathroom product manufacturer or as a kitchen or bathroom retailer.

Interested in getting involved? Find out more here https://trend-monitor.co.uk/kitchen-bathroom-industry-recovery-study/

UPDATE: This study will now run in January 2021

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