Digital technology, big data and IOT means that businesses can now tap into a huge amount of data; internal and external, primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative, social media and news feeds, multi-client and bespoke, and in a lot of cases this data can be accessed for free by your business.  Our insight audit assesses all the data available to your business and checks the data integrity in terms of relevance and validity, timeliness and compatibility.  The audit will highlight gaps in data sets and put forward options for generating a comprehensive insight database for your organisation.

The Insight Audit is available as a stand-alone service

9 types of data resources for home improvement businesses

This pdf explains nine different data resources for businesses in the home improvement sector.   Click to download >

The Trend Mapping process enables a wider perspective on a business and it’s target market, and is an important step when developing a programme of customer insights.  Understanding the bigger influences on your customers in terms of evolving social, demographic, environmental and economic trends, and how these will impact on the way homes will be used in the future, will pinpoint the kind of products consumers will want to buy for their homes, and also how they will want to buy these products.

Trend-Mapping is available as a stand-alone workshop

Market and consumer insights often remain hidden because the various data sets exist in departmental silos, in different formats or use a range of software applications.  Or internally generated data sets may not overlay onto external data, and pinpointing comparisons between online and offline data can be time-consuming.  Joining the Dots is a systemized process by which all the data is collated and viewed through a single converged application, enabling an holistic approach to insight generation.

Our systemized approach means that market and customer insights can continue be generated, either by your in-house team or outsourced to Trend-Monitor.  Whether you require self-serve dashboards or pdf reports, presentations to your team or individual access, weekly or monthly, in-house servers or hosted by Trend-Monitor, your insights will be delivered in a way that suits your business, your stakeholders and your team.