Last week TREND-MONITOR ran a mini-poll to understand what UK homeowners liked best about their kitchens, and also what they would change about their kitchens.

We had over 700 responses to our quick 2-question online survey and it became clear that when a kitchen is designed and planned sympathetically with the homeowners lifestyle in mind, then it becomes the heart and hub of the home, and this what homeowners loved about their kitchen.   On the other hand, homeowners who felt dissatisfied with their kitchen blamed this on the practical aspects and wanted to change the location of appliances, upgrade the cabinets and add more work surfaces.  They were unable to feel a sense of comfort in their kitchen until these elements were brought into line with their ideal kitchen scenario.

Size was highlighted as a major issue, in terms of  both kitchen likes and dislikes.  The available space was the number one reason for liking a kitchen, conversely lack of space was top of the list of things homeowners wanted to change about their kitchen.

Have a look at our infographic (below) which shows the top 5 things UK home owners love about their kitchens and the top 5 things they want to change in their kitchen.

(Click on the infographic to download as a pdf)

Kitchen likes and dislikes



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