In April 2021, our Research Director Jane Blakeborough joined a panel of industry experts at the Water Matters Online Event, hosted by the Unified Water Label, to explore how the bathroom industry can work together to better inform customers about using water efficiently

Alongside Jane, the panel discussion included representatives from different sectors of the bathroom industry across Europe; Spanish architect Carolina González, Jőrg Rudolph from German-Swiss company Neoperl and Brian Horne from the European energy efficiency project ‘HACKS’ (Heating and Cooling Knowhow Solutions).

The panel members were asked for their perspective on the following questions:-

Question 1
What does research show about consumers’ awareness of reducing waste water?

Question 2
Does research suggest that the industry is doing enough to communicate about reducing waste water?

Question 3
What type of communications are currently out there for consumers when it comes to general environmental awareness?

Question 4
Of the communications aimed at consumers, what means are deemed the most effective (eg particular channels)

Question 5
Based on research, is the industry doing enough to innovate from an environmental responsibility perspective?

Question 6
What do you think motivates consumers? Both generally, and in terms of the environment?

View the responses to these questions here >

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