This latest food and drink report by Waitrose highlights the UK consumer becoming increasing mindful of their own health and the well-being of their family and that of the planet

The Waitrose research team discovered the driving force behind this movement is a desire to look after ourselves and our environment, borne out by the incredible reaction to the final episode of BBC One’s Blue Planet II and its rallying call to tackle the plastic waste in our oceans.

The mindful movement marks a subtle shift in how we live, based on the acknowledgement that our natural resources are precious. We also worry about our personal resources, such as time – or rather the lack of it.

Nearly 70% of us feel that the pressures of modern life have increased over the past five years. Close to half are working longer hours, and around four in 10 regularly check work emails in personal time.

We manage the relentless pace by taking care of ourselves as best we can, eating more nutritious, less heavy foods, and making an effort to stay hydrated.

But despite the general move towards lighter eating during the week, the traditional weekend meal remains sacrosanct and the Waitrose team identified that our love of the Sunday roast remains strong. It’s as if modern-day pressures and uncertainties have only reinforced just how much we love this comforting British institution

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