The consumer purchasing behaviour research conducted by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association and Trend-Monitor in 2022 clearly showed the influence the bathroom installer has over the homeowner throughout the purchase journey for a new bathroom

As a follow-up to this research, a new study was commissioned by the BMA, managed by Trend-Monitor director Jane Blakeborough within her research role at the BMA, and in partnership with plumbing and heating research specialists Eureka! Research Ltd.

The study attracted responses from almost 700 UK installers who were regularly fitting bathroom products into domestic homes

This report documents highlights from the installer’s side of the product purchasing story; where they think their influence lies, why they recommend products and retailers, their advice, how they engage with manufacturers, what encourages them to try new products, and much more.

Note: The full research results report is available to BMA members only.

Installers will continue to be a pivotal stakeholder group for manufacturers, if not the most important, for the foreseeable future. If this research helps BMA member brands establish closer relationships with installers, it will have achieved its primary mission. We hope you enjoyed reading this report.

Tom Reynolds, CEO Bathroom Manufacturers Association

It has undoubtedly been an exciting research project to implement and manage, not just because of the insights it has generated for BMA members. BMA manufacturers and affiliates, trade associations, and the trade press all played a vital role in ensuring the success of this project, and it has shown what can be achieved when the industry takes a collaborative and multi-resourced approach.

Jane Blakeborough, Trend-Monitor founder and Research Manager Bathroom Manufacturers Association

For too long tradespeople have been viewed as one homogenous group, under-researched and often misunderstood, so we warmly welcome the energy that has gone into this timely campaign on behalf of BMA members.

Dave Ruston, Director/Co-owner Eureka! Research

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