Investigating the ‘how, what, why and where’  of the consumer purchase process for each category, these reports look at the motivations behind the purchase of a kitchen, bathroom or surface, where consumers research prior to purchase, how the area is planned and designed, the barriers and influences to sales, why a retail outlet is chosen and much more

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By conducting diary studies which follow homeowners in real time as they use products within their homes, we are able to provide true insights into where product improvements can be made and the opportunities for new product development.

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Future-proof your brand by following our analysis of the bigger social, demographic, economic, environmental trends. Understand how these mega-trends interact with each other and influence today’s consumer in terms of what products they will buy for their homes and how they will buy these products.

At a more local level, we also track consumer and retail trends, highlighting key influences from within the home improvement industry and the wider environment, relating their relevance to kitchen, bathroom and surface brands

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Our collaboration with key industry researchers means that we are able to publish accurate and up-to-date market data, ensuring that our Insight Partners can make strategic decisions with the latest industry figures at their fingertips.

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We are continually tracking new designs and innovations, both within the home improvement industry and the wider environments.  Reviewing what is happening in other industries to assess new innovations for kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces and looking beyond the latest colour and material fads to provide a clear picture for new product development teams.

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The long purchase cycles and disparate routes to market for kitchen, bathroom and surface products has historically meant low brand awareness for these categories.  However, this is changing with the rise of influencer platforms using social media to promote home improvement brands directly to the consumer.  Our brand tracker is a valuable tool to understand how consumer awareness and brand perceptions are changing over a period of time and in comparison to competitor brands

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A number of our reports have been researched and compiled in collaboration with a major brand or outside organisation.  This has enabled Trend-Monitor to gain a true understanding of industry research requirements and our commissioners have been able to have direct input into the focus of the research

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