Designed to help you future-proof your business

Trend-Mapping Workshops 

Half-day interactive sessions which map out the trends that will have the biggest impact on the future of your brand

From macro to micro, industry to cultural, global to local,
these workshops will uncover how evolving
social, demographic, environmental, consumer, retail, design and innovation trends
will influence what and how your customers will buy in the future

The output is a digital map of trend influences which have the potential to directly or indirectly affect your brand.
This map can be reviewed and updated at the click of a mouse.

“We started off the week with a bang by having our first Trend Mapping Workshop with Jane Blakeborough from Trend Monitor. An inspirational afternoon mapping our present and future.  It’s so important to understand the macro and micro trends effecting our customers which shape their lifestyle and influences our furniture design”
Simon Bodsworth, MD of Daval Furniture


Identifying potential new markets and customer groups


Highlighting gaps in product categories and ranges


Spotting market opportunities ahead of the competition


Tapping into changing customer attitudes, mindsets and habits

See an example of a Trend-Map here >