This guide, prepared for the NHBC Foundation by Studio Partington, looks ahead to 2050 and contemplates how new home design will accommodate the needs of tomorrow’s very different household profiles.

Through plans and cross-sections it brings to life the characteristics of homes that will be required, with case studies on flexible family homes, third-age lifetime and supported living homes, and single-person (micro-living) dwellings.

The case studies highlight features related to accessibility, health and comfort, technology and adaptability; characteristics that are already important, but which will have become more significant by 2050.

Alongside the graphical representation of how homes could look, the guide reviews how advances in technology will shape new home design of the future, considering innovations that are evolving now or could be commonplace by 2050. Energy and energy efficiency are given emphasis, but climate-responsiveness, adaptability and mobility are also included.

Source: NHBC Foundation


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