The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) trends forecasting team predicts new directions in health and wellness.

According to the GWS, no other forecast is based on the perspectives of so many experts worldwide, including economists, academics, futurists and the CEOs of international corporations from all related fields within the $4.5 trillion wellness economy.

This unique input makes for a powerfully informed set of global predictions.

The GWS team executes trends using a methodology that encompasses a profound respect for evidence-based science and a keen eye on the most powerful demographic, cultural and socioeconomic shifts that look to define the future.

The result: the GWS being the first to predict the rise of wellness trends that have gone on to become explosive, multibillion-dollar markets, including: wellness tourism; wellness architecture and design; wellness lifestyle real estate; CBD and cannabis; sleep; sexual wellness; “dying well”; and more.

Wellness used to be comprised of more discrete, siloed markets (i.e., the fitness or spa industries) but now everything is converging in, and around, wellness, and the concept is remaking whole industries and categories of living—whether fashion or real estate. Look for this to only heat up as the global wellness economy continues to outpace the world’s GDP growth.

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