This report is the result of a collaboration between the Bathroom Manufacturers Association and Trend-Monitor with the aim of building on previous research studies to benchmark changing consumer purchasing behaviours for bathrooms

This report highlights some of the key findings from the research. The full research report is available to BMA members. Members can also access the full data-set via online interactive dashboards which facilitate additional analysis and filtering to enable a better understanding of the customer journey for individual brands and categories

The Bathroom Consumer in 2022

The BMA and Trend-Monitor last teamed up to research the consumer purchasing journey for bathrooms back in 2018. To say a lot has changed in the world since then is an enormous understatement. We have lived through a global pandemic, a surge in home-working and are still experiencing economic turmoil. Given this tumultuous environment, the aim of the study was to find out if there were any paradigm shifts in consumers’ thinking since 2018.

This research provides solid data from a cohort of consumers that have recently bought a new bathroom. Our findings can help either confirm or debunk some of the assumptions made within the industry

Tom Reynolds, CEO Bathroom Manufacturers Association

The study was structured to follow the homeowner on their journey from initial awareness of their requirement for a new bathroom, through their purchase decisions, to their final thoughts post-installation. The study also captured demographic and household profiling information.

Customer journey mapping

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