TREND-MONITOR went trend-spotting at Sleep 2016 which was held at The Business Design Centre in London on the 21 and 22 November 2016

Sleep is Europe’s hotel design, development and architecture event and has inspired hotel interiors across the globe for over 10 years.

Here’s what we spotted ….



Charging points
Wall lights with USB ports by Baulmann Leuchten


With today’s requirement to have our tablets and phones full charged at all times, designers are being asked to incorporate USB ports into a variety of electrical appliances so that consumers can plug in at anytime to recharge.

Providing a charging spot in hotel foyers, coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals and other public spaces is becoming the norm, with an increasing number of different devices now available to do this.

Charging Spots
Portable Charging Point by Charging Spot




A development on the trend for bronze and copper finishes, a living finish is a non-lacquered, unprotected finish that “changes” over time. Oxidation from the air, soaps, natural oils from the skin, all cause the unprotected surface  to develop a patina and ‘age’ over time.

Living finishes
Hurlingham Baths un-lacquered finish


This basin, stand and taps have been left un-lacquered by Hurlingham Baths and the bright shiny finish can either be maintained or left to ‘age’ naturally




Villeroy & Boch Pantone-referenced basins
Villeroy & Boch Pantone-referenced basins


The duo of colours, Rose Quartz and Serenity,  chosen by Pantone as their colour of the year for 2016 made an appearance on the Villeroy & Boch stand in the form of new colour concept for the bathroom by designer Gesa Hansen.  Picking up on the interior design trend for strong accent colours, Gesa has based the range on “the kaleidoscope of seasonal colours in Paris”




Wool Fabulous Carpets
Wool Fabulous textured carpets by Crucial Trading


The Wool Fabulous carpet range by Crucial Trading adds a new dimension to the trend for surface texture.  The graduated pile depth gives a rippled feeling underfoot and creates a unique textural finish in the carpet.  Inspired by Missoni fashion prints, the chevron patterns make a clear design statement for both domestic and commercial use.


5.  Science of Tribes


Challenging our reliance on socio-demographics as a tool for categorising target markets, the Science of Tribes theme looks at how hotels can interpret people’s desires, attitudes and beliefs when creating experiences for their guests.


Hotel Tribes at Sleep 2016
Hotel Tribes based on the Sinus Institute’s social model


Using the Sinus Institute’s social model, five ‘hotel tribes’ were explored in a series of installations:-

Performers Tribe – Self-determined, flexible and socially mobile, through multimedia fascination, hard work and high achievement, the Performers seek an intense, successful and fun lifestyle.

Sensation-Orientated Tribe – Sensation orientated and searching for fun, thrills, action and entertainment.  Unconventional and rebellious, living for the here and now.  Through independence and spontaneity, desire to escape leads to ever-changing experiences and sub-culture.

Established Tribe – Conservative moralities, distinction and an innate sense of leadership dictate the status-conscious, self-assertive Established Tribe’s exclusive tastes.

Digital Avant-Garde Tribe – Non-conformist, creative and individualistic, self-realisation, freedom and independence are essential to their world view.  As hotel guests, they have no fixed dogma, they are happy to socialise digitally or personally, they feel part of a global, pluralistic and cosmopolitan scene.

Intellectuals Tribe – Intellectuals search for self-actualisation and personal development through an open-minded, liberal and pluralistic world view.  Cultural and intellectual interests drive their pursuit for authenticity.



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