We love to share …. and not just because our trend analysis tells us we are living in a sharing economy. At Trend-Monitor we have gathered ALOT of primary consumer insights and data, and have access to even more. Here’s how we share them out a little bit.

#1. Mini-Polls

Have you got a burning question that needs a quick response? Ask our consumer panel for FREE. Whether it’s a bit of fun for PR purposes or a snapshot of public opinion about your latest product idea. Send us your question and we’ll get you up to a 1000 responses from a nationally representative sample within 48 hours.

Consumer mini-poll panels are a great way to get up-to-the-minute reliable poll data across a range of topics relevant to your market, with the data presented back to you in a simple user-friendly way.

Here’s how Whirlpool’s PR team used the information we gathered for them via a mini-poll question.

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#2. Industry White Papers

We have published a series of reports analysing the trends that influence the kitchen and bathroom industry.

From global mega-trends to design and innovation trends, these reports will help you understand the impact trends have on how consumers use their homes and the kind of products they will buy for their homes.

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#3. Insight Database

Our Insight Database is a constantly updated category-specific industry resource, with new information and data being added every day.

Simply type in a question or keyword and be directed to the relevant resource. This video shows you how simple it is to find the insight you are looking for.

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#4. Insight of the Day

Follow Trend-Monitor on social media to see regular insights being posted on our feeds. From quirky facts to important statistics, these insights are industry relevant and category specific

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#5. Trend Updates

Trends, trends and more trends. There’s rather alot going on, so to keep things simple we only write about the ones that are relevant to the KBB sectors. You’ll find them in the Trend Updates section on our website, and (very helpfully) broken down into the different sectors.

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#6. Just Ask

Give us a shout, drop us a line, ping us an email, tweet us or text us, and (if we possibly can) we’ll help you out with the data you need.

This is how Grohe found out the vital statistics behind the hot water tap market to support their Grohe Red press campaign resulting in wide coverage across both consumer and trade publications – they just sent us an email and we let them have the relevant data.

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