The world has changed immeasurably over the last 150 years and our eating habits, technology and the way we source our food has continuously evolved alongside it. 

By looking at the macro trends, scientific studies and heightened environmental awareness already developing today, Sainsbury’s has explored how our food could start to change in the future and what that might mean for consumers.

Their Future of Food Report paints a picture of life in 2025, 2050 and 2169, showing the potential role of food in the next 150 years. 

In five years’ time, alongside medication, our doctors could be incorporating food advice as health prevention techniques to help alleviate our ailments, and there is great potential for bio-fortification foods to become much more common on our shelves.

Driven by unprecedented awareness of animal welfare, health concerns and ecoanxiety, more of us than ever could be putting the planet first when writing our shopping list.

It’s expected that a quarter of all British people will be vegetarian in 2025 (up from one in eight Britons today).  and half of us will identify as flexitarians (up from fifth today).

In thirty years, jellyfish and other ‘invasive species’ could be found on the fish counter as recent research has found them to be full of nutrients and vitamins. And there could even be a ‘lab-grown’ aisle, where people can pick up cultured-meats and kits to grow meat at home.Meat, as we know it today, could instead start to become a luxury product.

We could start to see a very different food landscape in 150 years’, as scientists may well be farming in space and sending back their learnings to us on Earth. This would be instrumental to us being able to farm on land which was previously barren – providing us with seasonal produce all year round.

With developments in technology happening every day there are endless possibilities for how we could be consuming our food in the future. It’s likely that we’ll be consuming our key nutrients through implants. While nutrition patches and drips could replace our day-to-day intake, traditional celebrations – birthdays, family occasions – could be bigger and better than ever before, with the aesthetics of food strengthening the bonds of community.


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