During this year, Trend-Monitor joined forces with the Bathroom Manufacturers Association to undertake two major pieces of consumer research. 

The first piece of research surveyed over 500 UK householders who had purchased a complete new bathroom within the past two years, to investigate how they approached the purchase decision, the barriers and influences to sales throughout this process, and also their attitudes to water-saving products, water regulations and legal compliance when purchasing bathroom products.

The second piece of research was in the form of a diary study which followed 50 participants for 7 days as they carried out various bathroom tasks in the privacy of their own home.  The results from this study has highlighted consumer habits in terms of water usage in the bathroom and has provided true insights into where product improvements can be made and the opportunities for new product development.

The results of this research will be revealed at the Bathroom Manufacturers Association annual conference on 16 October 2018, where our research director, Jane Blakeborough, will share the stage with Yvonne Orgill, CEO of the BMA, to discuss the research findings and what they mean for the bathroom industry in terms of future product development and UK legislation.  

Members of the BMA, as well as Trend-Monitor Insight Partners, will be able to download the full research findings via a link which will be sent out after the conference.

Online INTERACTIVE versions of the research findings will also be available 

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