Company Background

Kastus® is an award-winning surface innovation company founded in 2014 with global headquarters and manufacturing based in Ireland. Their patented range of antimicrobial coatings are designed to protect glass, ceramic and touchscreen surfaces.

The Brief

To put key statistics against consumer interest in purchasing products with built-in antibacterial surface protection, and to evaluate consumer behaviours when choosing between public touchscreens with and without built-in antibacterial surface protection, with a view to highlighting the value proposition for manufacturers of including built-in protection with their products.

Over a period of several months, Kastus commissioned consumer research into four different product categories – kitchen and bathroom tiles, public touchscreen surfaces, glass used in domestic appliances and personal touchscreen devices

The Solution

For each piece of research, the Trend-Monitor online Omnibus Survey service was used, along with some bespoke tweaking.

In it’s most basic format, this service allows brands to ask consumers a series of linked questions with demographic profiling and attracting 1,000 responses from a nationally representative sample. The outputs are a set of charts showing the results for each question plus an online interactive dashboard which allows the research data to be filtered and analysed according to demographic profiles.

For each of the Kastus projects, we added a number of conditional filters to ensure that relevant respondents were targeted in terms of home-ownership, decision-makers, age-groups, etc. This, along with a precise and focused questionnaire for each category, ensured clear and targeted statistics for Kastus.

The Outcome

Each piece of research was able to achieve several outcomes for Kastus. As well as identifying gaps in the market and consumer needs in terms of antibacterial surfaces, the research has been used to inform product development, to support sales discussions and to reinforce the brand’s message on their website and in press releases.

It has also proved invaluable when it came to creating high-profile partnerships within the touchscreen arena. Kastus has teamed up with ZAGG Brands on its antimicrobial mobile device screen protectors, Exetis with a next generation tablet touchscreen partnership and Promarc on antimicrobial touch displays for its ATMs, kiosks and public touchscreen products.

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