UK market analyst Trend-Monitor has unveiled its latest research, based on a survey that was completed by 1,015 UK householders with a view to assessing how they use and feel about their kitchens and kitchen products.

Trend-Monitor Kitchen Behaviours and Product Usage Report

Respondents were asked a total of 82 questions, which investigated a range of kitchen activities, plus further questions about their personal and household circumstances to obtain deeper insights into the demographics behind kitchen behaviours.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Almost 60% of respondents are either ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ with their kitchens, however ambivalence starts to creep in after the kitchen has been installed for 5 years.
  • Space continues to be an issue, with 70% of households keeping a fridge or freezer in a location other than the kitchen, and 63% finding counter-top appliances difficult to store.
  • The hardest working appliance in the kitchen is the dishwasher with half of UK households that own a dishwasher using it daily, and 20% running it even when it isn’t full.
  • Almost 1 in 5 kitchens are not heated resulting in 16% of kitchens feeling cold
  • We are traditional in the way in which we use our kitchens, we describe ourselves as traditional cooks, and our favourite meal to cook is a roast dinner
  • We still prefer to read a recipe from a book or magazine, with 11% owning over 20 cookbooks although when it comes to finding new recipes, 40% of us use Google.
  • Eating meals together at the table is still a daily part of living together for almost half of all UK households, and 11% can comfortably seat over 8 people in their kitchen for a meal

“The study format has been developed with the kitchen industry in mind to enable kitchen product manufacturers and retailers to gain a greater understanding, not only of how UK households are using their kitchens every day, but also how they feel about the room that is rapidly becoming the centre of their homes,”

said Trend-Monitor research director Jane Blakeborough.

By surveying a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 households, the report is able to draw on deeper insights within the data to highlight the demographic profiling behind a kitchen behaviour, and track developing trends,” she added.

An online interactive dashboard version will also be available shortly
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About Trend-Monitor
Established in 2015, Trend-Monitor is an industry-recognised market analyst focussing on key social and demographic trends that are affecting how people live in their homes, with a view to predicting consumer purchasing behaviour, and assessing how brands can use these trends to their advantage.
By targeting the kitchen, bathroom and surface sectors, Trend-Monitor is able to provide category-specific insight, trend analysis, design innovation, brand tracking and market data. Brands can access the material either by subscribing as an insight partner or by purchasing individual reports. Among its subscribers are key players at major retailers, K&B manufacturers (UK and overseas), distributors, trade associations, architects, designers, house-builders, investors, academics, journalists, brand agencies, and more.
Trend-Monitor also undertakes bespoke research projects and behavioural studies for individual brands.

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