Our new Mini-Poll Service

Over the next few months we will be trialling a series of mini-polls in order to gain instant insight into issues regarding UK homes and home life.  

These mini-polls are being run in partnership with Panelbase, one of the UK’s most respected research panels with over 240,000 adult respondents.  They are members of the British Polling Council and their polls are regularly used by some of the UK’s leading business and consumer press.

Here at Trend-Monitor our polls will be focused on UK homeowners in particular, and with this in mind our first mini-poll asked two questions – What do you like best about your kitchen? And what would you change about your kitchen?  See the results of this mini-poll and others here

Mini-polls are a great way to get up-to-the-minute reliable poll data across a range of topics relevant to your market, with the data presented back to you in a simple user-friendly way.

What would you like to ask?

Contact us if you would like to add a question into our next mini-poll.

You can email us at hello@trend-monitor.co.uk or phone us at 0113 209 3288



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