Meet Traditional, Experimental, International, Healthy, Family-Parent and Sociable; our six kitchen consumer profiles.  

From the Traditional kitchen consumer who likes to keep to a small range of recipes they know they can cook well, to the Experimental kitchen consumer who buys all the latest kitchen gadgets, these profiles highlight the diverse needs of UK homeowners in terms of their kitchen requirements.


kitchen consumer profiles

Created from the data collected during our latest kitchen consumer research, these 6 profiles are designed as an aid to identifying target markets and structuring product development and marketing communications.

Information regarding gender, age, family circumstances, cooking style, kitchen design, how they shop for groceries, and use their kitchen to socialise and relax is all distilled into 6 insightful infographics which give a fascinating insight into kitchen usage in the UK.

Family-parent kitchen consumer profile


Meet all our kitchen consumer profiles in our latest report – click here for more information




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