Lochside House – RIBA House of the Year 2018

Lochside House RIBA house of the year 2018

Lockside House, a beautiful new home in the West Highlands, has been named ‘House of the Year 2018’ by RIBA.

Designed by architects HaysomWardMiller Architects, Lockside House is a small-scale, sustainable home made from local materials, which sits on the edge of a lake in the West Highlands.

The house was chosen for RIBA House of the Year by a panel of judges made up of architects Takero Shimazaki, Niall Maxwell and Chantal Wilkinson, curator and journalist Laura Mark, and engineer Paul Rogatzki.

Shimazaki described the building as “a well-designed home that is an example of humble, grounded, contextual yet powerful architecture that people can aspire to and be inspired by.  It is astonishing that the remoteness and challenging weather did not prevent the client’s vision being achieved”

Photo copyright Richard Fraser

He said. “The architect’s off-grid solution seems almost effortless. Inside, the spaces merge with the artist owner’s art collection, and there is an overwhelming sense of comfort, warmth and homeliness.”

Photo copyright Richard Fraser

The house is formed of three crafted buildings grouped together, clad in burnt Scottish larch cladding and protected by drystone walls. The roofing echoes the mountains and the walls pick up the horizontal sediments of the rocks.


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