The data shown in these dashboards is from the
Trend-Monitor Kitchen Purchasing Trends, Consumer Insight research
carried out in August 2018

Download pdf of report here

The dashboard filters allow the data within each dashboard to be filtered by demographics or other aspects within the research
The sample size refers to the number of respondents involved in each section and will change each time a filter is applied.  Keep an eye on this to make sure the sample doesn’t get too small.  
Sometimes there are differing sample sizes for charts on the same dashboard, in this case the sample size is shown next to the individual charts
the mouse over the charts to view the key data
To export the chart as a pdf or image, hover the mouse over the top right corner of each chart and click for ‘more options’
The dashboards are not mobile-responsive and are best viewed via a monitor or laptop

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What is a Sankey Diagram?

Sankey diagrams display flows and their quantities in proportion to one another. The width of the lines indicates the amount of flow so the thicker the line, the larger the quantity of flow.

Flow lines can combine together or split through their paths on each stage of a process. Colour is used to divide the diagram into different categories or to show the transition from one state of the process to another.

The diagram below shows the relationship between research prior to purchase and choice of retail outlet.  It indicates how consumers progress from researching via numerous research resources, through to what they considered the most useful research resource, and then where they purchased their kitchen from.

Click on the video button below to watch a video explaining how to use this diagram.