Welcome to the 2019 Trend-Monitor consumer insight study into kitchen behaviours and product usage.

The research behind this report was developed with the kitchen industry in mind; to enable kitchen product manufacturers and retailers gain a greater understanding, not only about how UK households are using their kitchens in terms of everyday behaviours, but also how they feel about the room that is rapidly becoming the centre of their homes.

Are these rooms comfortable, warm, practical spaces that are a pleasure to spend time in?  Or is the reality of our kitchens a different story?

Report Overview

Split across fifteen areas of investigation, this study tackles subjects such as daily appliance usage, cleaning, storage, heating, entertaining, household meals and cooking styles.

And, although our kitchen behaviours are generally centred around our household structure and immediate environment, this study also investigates how wider global trends impact on the way we use our kitchens, in terms of food waste, recycling, water usage, technology and even pet ownership.

By surveying a nationally representative sample of over 1000 UK households, the report draws on deeper insights within the data to highlight the demographic profiling behind a kitchen behaviour, track developing trends across timelines, and even cross-reference against kitchen purchasing habits from our other industry studies.

Trend-Monitor Kitchen Behaviours Report respondents infographic


The data for this research was collected via an online survey which was live during January 2019.
The survey was completed by a nationally representative sample of 1015 UK householders. The respondents were asked a total of 82 questions which investigated a wide range of kitchen activities and included both qualitative and quantitative formats.
Respondents were also asked 8 questions about their personal and household circumstances for statistical purposes and also to enable demographic filtering for deeper insights via the Trend-Monitor interactive dashboards
Trend-Monitor partnered with Panelbase to gain access to a suitable online respondent panel. Panelbase supports and strictly adheres to the standards and guidelines set out by ESOMAR: www.esomar.org. Panelbase are also MRS company partners www.mrs.org.uk.


UK Kitchen Market Overview
Section One – Our Kitchens
Section Two – Cooking in our Kitchens
Section Three – Kitchen Storage
Section Four – Fridges
Section Five – Ovens
Section Six – Warming Drawers
Section Seven – Hobs
Section Eight – Dishwashers
Section Nine – Kitchen Sinks
Section Ten – Washing Machines
Section Eleven – Kitchen Heating
Section Twelve – Kitchens as Social Areas
Section Thirteen – Food Waste
Section Fourteen – Grow Your Own
Section Fifteen – Pets in Kitchens

List of Charts

Chart 1 – Kitchen Layouts
Chart 2 – Kitchen Styles
Chart 3 – Top 15 Kitchen Likes
Chart 4 – Top 15 Kitchen Dislikes
Chart 5 – Kitchen ‘Happiness’ Scale
Chart 6 – Cooking Styles
Chart 7 – Cookery Books
Chart 8 – Finding New Recipes
Chart 9 – Number of Units by Type
Chart 10 – Storage Requirements
Chart 11 – Difficult Items to Store
Chart 12 – Fridges by Type
Chart 13 – Items Kept in the Fridge
Chart 14 – Ovens by Type
Chart 15 – Oven Cleaning Frequency
Chart 16 – Using the Oven
Chart 17 – Microwaves by Type
Chart 18 – Kitchens with Warming Drawers
Chart 19 – Reasons for Not Having a Warming Drawer
Chart 20 – Hobs by Type
Chart 21 – Cleaning the Hob
Chart 22 – Kitchens with Dishwashers
Chart 23 – Reasons for Not Having a Dishwasher
Chart 24 – Dishwasher Frequency of Use
Chart 25 – Items Not Put In Dishwasher
Chart 26 – Washing Up in the Sink
Chart 27 – Blocking the Kitchen Sink
Chart 28 – Washing Machines by Type
Chart 29 – Location of Washing Machine
Chart 30 – Main Source of Kitchen Heating
Chart 31 – Adequate Heating?
Chart 32 – Cooking for Family & Friends
Chart 33 – Household Meals
Chart 34 – Entertaining Space in Kitchens
Chart 35 – Radio, Music & TV in Kitchens
Chart 36 – Food Types Being Thrown Out
Chart 37 – Composting Food Waste
Chart 38 – Kitchen Recycling Bins
Chart 39 – Herbs & Salads Grown in Kitchens

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