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Building on existing trend analysis by Trend-Monitor, this ongoing assessment of developing macro trends will cover global, social, demographic, environmental, economic, retail and consumer trends, and specifically how these trends act as drivers for changing consumer behaviours in the home and ultimately the influence this has on the type of products purchased for homes in the future

The assessment will be displayed as an online trend-atlas using mind-mapping software, which enables drilling down into the individual trends for more information relating to that trend


Collating sales and project data contributed by a wide range of manufacturers and specialist retailers, a 12-month category-specific index will track the demand for kitchen and bathroom products as the UK moves out of lockdown. The index will start from January 2020 and run through to December 2020 (beyond if required).

All submitted data will be aggregated by category and indexed against the data for January 2020, which will be shown as 100 on the index. Presentation in an index form tracks changes in trading conditions and actual values are not displayed. 

The ongoing index results will be displayed on an interactive online dashboard accessed via the Trend-Monitor website.  The dashboards will be updated each month and will enable filtering and analysis according to product category, region and date.

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A quantitative online survey questioning UK homeowners who have purchased a complete new kitchen or bathroom since the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were applied in order to understand the impact of the pandemic on household spending priorities and purchase behaviours for kitchen and bathroom projects.

The survey results will be bench-marked against data from previous Trend-Monitor purchase behaviour surveys run over the past 7 years to pinpoint the behavioural changes brought about by the pandemic

The results will be displayed as online interactive dashboards accessed via the Trend-Monitor website and will facilitate filtering and analysis of the results by demographic, budget, routes to market, etc.

*Results will be available online by mid-November 2020


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The results of the study will only be made available to those companies and brands who contribute their data to the study or act as a sponsor for the study
Note:  Company data will be treated in absolute confidence and the identity of companies taking part will not be made public knowledge


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Will my company and sales information be identified within the research results?

All sales data from manufacturers and project information from retailers will be aggregated prior to being displayed as a single category figure within the demand index. By presenting the data in an indexed form, changes in trading conditions are tracked, but actual values are not displayed. Using this indexing technique ensures that individual companies and/or their specific performance cannot be identified.

How is the research funded?

This three-phase study is being run ‘for the industry, by the industry’ and as such the results will not be sold onto third-party organisations such as financial institutions or media agencies, nor will the results be made available to any company or brand that has not contributed to the study.

However, there is obviously a cost to set up and run this type of research project, plus the ongoing administrative costs of collating and displaying the data.  In order to fund this research, we are asking for ‘sponsorship’ from a small number of key industry players who will be offered a benefits package in return.

Contact Jane Blakeborough on 07709 911808 to discuss how to get involved as a sponsor

Who will have access to the research results?

The results of the study will only be made available to those companies and brands who contribute their data to the study for the full 12 months, or sign up as a sponsor for the study prior to the commencement of the project.

Third-party organisations such as financial institutions or media agencies will not be able to buy the results of the research, nor will bathroom and kitchen companies and brands who have not contributed to the research.

Can I add a question to the online survey to UK households?

Project sponsors will be given the option to add their questions to the online study questioning UK householders about their purchase journey for a new kitchen and bathroom 

How long will the Demand Index run for?

The Demand Index will initially run from January 2020 to December 2020, and can run for longer if required and funding becomes available.

Can I join the study later in the year?

Participants can join at any point between now and December, however we will still require the data going back to January 2020 so as not to skew the results of the index


for the industry, by the industry