The connected home is already a strong trend for home improvement brands, with blue-chip technology giants, such as Google and Apple, all in the process of developing new products aimed at the connected home consumer.

Household appliances are now coming equipped with sensors and software as standard that allows them to communicate via a wireless connection to a laptop, smart phone, tablet or other devices.


Homeowners are increasingly custom-fitting their domestic spaces with gadgets and appliances that enable them to take advantage of the ease of a connected home, while contractors and developers are on top of this trend with new builds.

Hot on the heels of this fast growing trend, is the Connected Health trend with users across all age groups being encouraged to exercise, monitor their weight and improve the management of their health and wellbeing via a wide range of digital devices

Research by the Deloite Centre for Health Solutions estimated that the number of health apps on iOS and Android has more than doubled over the past 2.5 years to over 100,000, with the increased ownership of smartphones driving this growth.

wearable health

The growth in wearable technology in particular bio-sensing wearables is another key driver in connected health; these include fitness bands, glucose monitoring contact lenses, smart pills, insole pads for shoes, heart rate monitoring patches, to name but a few.

Oral-B was one of the first into join the dots between Connected Health and the Connected Home, with its wi-fi enabled toothbrush.  This was quickly followed this up with the launch of the Oral-B ‘Smart Mirror’ at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.  This mirror can be used by both children and adults alike to learn better cleaning techniques, remain entertained and to reach dental goals.


Currently the mirror can sync with an app that can guide you towards particular goals along your journey towards better dental care. For example, the mirror can provide information on how to achieve fresher breath, fight plaque or to whiten teeth via brushing. The goals can be tailor made based on data and can deliver a more engaging hygiene experience for a set period of time.

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