During May 2020, 80% of kitchen and bathroom projects were put on hold due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions*, causing many to speculate about a ‘pent-up demand’ for kitchen and bathroom products as lock down restrictions are lifted.

*Source: Post Covid-19 K&B Consumer Confidence Survey May 2020

But how sustainable is this anecdotal ‘pent up demand’?  How has Covid-19 impacted on peoples’ requirements for their kitchens and bathrooms? What are the opportunities for the industry as lockdown restrictions are lifted?

We aim to find the answers to these questions by running a three-phase industry-wide study

And we need your help FOR PHASE ONE


We are asking kitchen and bathroom product manufacturers to tell us about their sales by category, on a month by month basis

This sales data will be added to a 12-month Demand Index that will run alongside a similar index based on project information from a national network of kitchen and bathroom retailers

Together these indexes will track the demand for kitchen and bathroom products as the UK moves out of lockdown.


data is vital to understanding the new marketplace and the new consumer


By collating data and information from across the industry and nationally, it will be possible to track the demand for kitchen and bathroom products as households come out of lockdown.  And from this we will be able to understand the pace at which the industry is recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 crisis and plan for the future in a more proactive way.

In return for providing sales data, all contributors* will be able to see the results from all three phases of the study which include:-

    • 2 Demand Indexes – manufacturers sales index and the retailers project index
    • A quantitative online survey questioning UK homeowners who have purchased a complete new kitchen or bathroom since the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were applied in order to understand the impact of the pandemic on household spending priorities and purchase behaviours for kitchen and bathroom projects.   The survey results will be bench-marked against data from previous Trend-Monitor purchase behaviour surveys run over the past 7 years to pinpoint the behavioural changes brought about by the pandemic.
    • An ongoing assessment of developing macro trends which covers global, social, demographic, environmental, economic, retail and consumer trends, and specifically how these trends act as drivers for changing consumer behaviours in the home and ultimately the influence this has on the type of products purchased for homes in the future.

*Note: Only companies who participate in the study are able to see the results of all three phases of the study.  


data is vital to understanding the new marketplace and the new consumer


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