The John Lewis Retail Report for 2019 highlights five trends that we have already predicted will have an impact on consumer purchasing behaviour

Regular readers of Trend-Monitor’s updates will be aware of the trends that we focus on to predict consumer purchasing behaviour.Themes such as sustainability, premiumisation, and the growing preference for spending on experiences as opposed to items,are all trends that we have been highlighting as relevant.

And now, proof that we are accurate in our predictions has emerged in the form of the latest John Lewis & Partners Retail Report 2019.

Here are five key trends that we have taken from the report, that show that Trend-Monitor is on target with its predictions and that these trends really are impacting on consumer behaviour.

Trend #1 – JOMO

As consumers embraced JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out – and ditched FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out, the John Lewis report states that sales of supersize TVs with 8K screens were up by 17%.This had a knock-on effect on sales of other items. Sales of corner sofas increased by 9% and luxe loungewear increased by 129%.As consumers stayed at home to watch dramas on TV, sales of black jumpsuits, such as the one worn by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag, went up by 66%, and flat caps, as worn by the cast in Peaky Blinders, were up 25%.

Trend #2 – Spending on Experiences

As the trend for staying in rather than going out took hold, enhanced home experiences became key.Formal dinner parties were ditched in favour of casual suppers, with sales of drinks trolleys up 136% and spirit measurers up 33%, and pressure cookers predicted to be the next big thing.

2019 was also the year of Marie Kondo and decluttering the home. As consumers set about jettisoning items that no longer brought them joy, they sought new ways to store objects that did, and sales of storage boxes rose by 47%.

Trend #3 – Do It For Me

According to the report, sales of products that do arduous chores and boring tasks for consumers increased. Home tech was all about the Do It For Me trend, whether it was a washing machine that auto-doses and can be set remotely, or an e-ink order that replaces itself when the printer is running low.

Trend #4 – Premiumisation

John Lewis customers were also opting to spend on quality rather than quantity.Sales of premium Lego were up 24.9%, linen bedding up 187%, and the number of women investing in personal styling appointments rose by 39%, with the average spend per appointment being £383.

Consumers were also spending more on luxuries to style their homes, with nearly one third of John Lewis customers buying items in opulent finishes such as brass, copper, velvet or marble.

Trend #5 – Sustainability and the War on Plastic

John Lewis customers were fully engaged with the war on plastic this year, with sales of reusable straws up 1,573%, reusable water bottles up 15% and portable cutlery up 176%.

As a response to this, John Lewis launched collapsible coffee cups and reusable beeswax wrappers, and committed to developing more sustainable supply chains when it came to fashion and beauty.

john lewis retail report 2019

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