This updated report from industry analysts JKMR examines in detail the performance and sector drivers for fitted kitchens sold in the highest cost sector – defined as client budget starting point at retail prices of £45k.

While this sector makes up only a relatively small number of installations, it accounts for almost a third of total fitted kitchen product value at end client buying price, and its performance is a key element of overall market health.

The 2020 Report on the Luxury Kitchen Market provides sector trends in installation numbers, market value, and client spend definitions, including how sales patterns for the new build and refurbishment streams have differed over the last fifteen years, and puts luxury sector trends into context of the overall UK kitchen market performance.

In-depth analysis exclusive to JKMR enables the Luxury Sector to be divided into three segments; Premium, Ultra Luxury and Stratospheric, based on client spend. And looks at each segment’s relative performance during the last decade, with analysis of which segments are likely to face the greatest challenges over the next 12-24 months.

A fully revised and expanded analysis of external socio-economic factors impacting the kitchen market provides insights into the likely nature of luxury kitchen retailing post-Covid 19, and how changes in retailer-client, and supplier-retailer, relationships will create new challenges but also new opportunities for luxury kitchen product suppliers.

Comparison of sector sales by major fitted cabinetry suppliers enables report purchasers to easily identify recent ‘winners and losers’, and the report considers why the trading patterns of the ‘big names’ in luxury kitchen supply have seen huge variation.

A detailed breakdown of cabinetry supply trends in the studio sector highlights how local artisan suppliers are challenging the national players, and why this is so.

This report on the Luxury Kitchen Market is published by JKMR, the only B2B research company to specialise in the UK fitted kitchen products market. The report is a key tool for suppliers and retailers active in luxury kitchen supply and interested in identifying the drivers of sector growth, the most dynamic players and reasons for their success, and new opportunities to aid company growth in a more challenging market.

Report Contents

Sources, Definitions & Key Notes on Data Coverage
Analysis of Luxury Sector Performance 2006-2019
– Volume: Store Numbers & Number of Kitchens Sold (by Retail & New Build)
– Value: MSP fitted unit value & Total fitted kitchen products market value
– Trends in Sector Market Share
– Trends in Client Spend (2009-2019)
Outlook for the Luxury Sector – 2020 Projections; 2021 & Longer Term Outlook
Qualitative Review of Likely Sector Developments 2020 & Beyond
– Background to the Sector & Demographics
– Signature Features of the Luxury Market
– The Luxury Client
– Further Opportunities for Luxury Sector Operators
‘Premium’ vs ‘Ultra Luxury’ Sub-Sector Size Trends and Outlook
High End Fitted Unit (Cabinetry) Manufacturers
– MSP sales performance for Selected Larger Suppliers: Trends to 2018/19
– Review of Key Supplier Performance to 2019 & Outlook
Specialist Studio Sector: Number of Kitchens Sold by Unit Supplier Type
– Price Sector by Unit Type (import, bespoke etc) Trends 2016-2019
– Premium/Ultra Luxury Installations by Unit Supplier Type: Trends 2012-19
Background Context for the Luxury Sector:
– UK Fitted Kitchen Market Size Value & Volume Trends with Projections to 2020
– Number of UK Fitted Kitchen Installations by Main Routes to Market Trends to 2019
– Overall Market Sales Distribution Trends by Market (Price) Sector Trends to 2020

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JKMR is the only B2B research company to specialise in the UK fitted kitchen products market. JKMR’s founder-director, Jayne Barber, has over three decades of experience in researching and writing about the UK fitted kitchen products market, enabling JKMR reports to draw on substantial industry knowledge and contacts.

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