This JKMR report provides a comprehensive analysis of the UK kitchen worktop market, with long-term trends in market size, sales channel performance, and sales for main material groups, along with product and price trends for the studio sector – the market sector where trends are primarily set.   

In addition, the report provides a qualitative review of how wider market factors may affect worktop market development, and provides context data for the UK fitted kitchen products market overall.

The latest edition of JKMR’s Report on the Kitchen Worktop Market shows that worktops have benefitted from a strong overall fitted kitchen market in the last few years, with 2018 installation figures being 300,000 higher than in 2013.  While the majority of worktops continue to be installed as part of a full kitchen refurbishment the worktop market has benefitted in particular from the growth of the ‘facelift’ sector, where tops and or tops/doors only are changed, and this trend is expected to continue whilst consumer confidence remains fragile.

The new report tracks both volume and value trends and shows that on-going up-grading of client specification is driving market value growth.  However, it also recognises that price rises driven by external political and economic factors have been seen across the market, and while suppliers have been able to increase sales this does not necessarily ensure improved profitability.

The Kitchen Worktop Report provides full trend data on worktop installation levels and market value, placing trends in the context of the fitted kitchen products market overall, as well as analysing causes of historical growth/contraction patterns. 

Analysis of the changing share of different worktop materials highlights ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, including a dedicated section on the growth in new sintered stone/ceramic materials. 

Looking forward, the new report analyses how the worktop market will see continuing changes in kitchen retailing structure, while shifts in household tenure types, potential changes in the focus of new build construction, and consumer demands for the ‘smart home’ and ‘outside living’ will all offer new opportunities in worktop design and supply.


Sources & Definitions
The Overall UK Kitchen Worktop Market
Total Kitchen Worktop Market, volume & value by retail sector 2018 (provisional)
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Total Kitchen Worktop Market, volume & value by retail sector 2014
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*Trends in Worktop Value vs Fitted Unit Value: Index 2001-2020 (proj)
*Worktops Sold Separately (eg worktop only replacement)
Average Worktop Spend by Retail Sector: Trends
% Share of Worktop Sales Value (by Retail Routes): Trends
Volume & Value Sales by Material Type: 2006-2018
Relative Trends in Channel Share (Value) for Granite & Solid Surface/Eng. Stone
*Worktop Volume Trends: Solid Surface vs Engineered Stone
*Ceramic (porcelain/sintered stone) Worktop Market
*Outlook for Worktop Market Development
Trends and Drivers in Overall Fitted Kitchen Market Growth
Forecasts for Worktop Market Size to 2020 & Key Market Factors Index
Qualitative Review of Worktop Market Development, covering changes in UK Housing Size/Type; Socio-Demographic Factors;
Retail Environment; *Design & Materials; New Opportunities
Worktop Sales by Specialist Sector Outlets
Sales Volume and Value by Worktop Product Type: Trends
Trends in Laminate & Solid Surface/Engineered Stone Colour
Worktop Spend in the Context of Total Kitchen Spend: Trend Data
Market Context
*Kitchen Installations by Main Client Sector: Trends with projections
Overall Value of Kitchen Market (units, tops, sinks, appliances) 1991-2018
Number of Kitchens Sold by retail sectors: Trends 1991-2018
Kitchens sold by Retail Price Sector: Trends from 1998
Qualitative Review of Future Developments in the Kitchen Retail Base

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