This JKMR report provides a comprehensive analysis of the UK market for integrated major domestic appliances (MDAs), with long-term trends in market size and sales channel performance for all major product groups,

The report also provides data on supplier share and model type trends, including a detailed breakdown of trends in specialist studio sales – the market sector where trends are primarily set.

In addition, the report includes analysis of how wider kitchen market, socio-demographic, and construction factors may affect future MDA product design and route to market development, and provides context data for the UK fitted kitchen products market overall.

Fully revised and updated Summer 2022.

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About JKMR

JKMR is the only B2B research company to specialise in the UK fitted kitchen products market. JKMR’s founder-director, Jayne Barber, has over three decades of experience in researching and writing about the UK fitted kitchen products market, enabling JKMR reports to draw on substantial industry knowledge and contacts.

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