This report by JKMR provides a comprehensive analysis of the UK market for integrated major domestic appliances.

The report includes long-term trends in market size and sales channel performance for all main MDA product categories, along with data on supplier share and product type trends, including a detailed breakdown of trends in specialist studio sales – the market channel where consumer buying trends are primarily set.   

In addition, the report provides a qualitative review of how wider market factors may affect MDA product and route to market development, and provides context data for the UK fitted kitchen products market overall

The latest edition of JKMR’s Report on the UK Integrated Major Domestic Appliance (MDA) Market shows that MDA sales have benefitted from a strong overall fitted kitchen market in the last few years, with 2018 sector value (end client buying price) over 25% higher than in 2015, driven not only by the fact that more models are being sold year-on-year but also by client choice shifting to higher specification models in the independent and new build sector. However, price rises driven by external factors have also been an element of value growth.

The report provides long-term trends in the performance of the integrated MDA sector as a whole, and for each main products category, examining why market growth patterns do differ between cooking, dishwashers, refrigeration, and laundry.

The report highlights how there have been changes in the relative importance of different sales channels, and looks at how the decline in the traditional DIY multiple sector and the rise of Howden and Wren have impacted the MDA sector. Report findings also show that while the majority of integrated MDAs continue to be installed as part of a full kitchen refurbishment the sector is seeing growth in individual model replacement work, and this trend is expected to continue all the while consumer confidence remains fragile.

Full trend data on sales volumes and market value is also provided, placing trends in the context of the fitted kitchen products market overall, as well as analysing causes of historical growth/contraction patterns. Analysis of the changing share of different oven and hob types is linked to changing design and consumer needs, with the report including a dedicated section on trends in the specialist studio sector, including how rises in average MDA spend by studio clients shows no signs of ceasing.

Looking forward, the report analyses how the MDA market will see continuing changes in kitchen retailing structure, while shifts in household tenure types, the focus of new build construction, and consumer demands for the ‘smart home’ and ‘outside living’, will all offer new opportunities in product design and supply.


SECTION 1: UK Integrated MDA Sales in Context
Summary of Fitted Kitchen Market Performance In 2018
Market Value by Product: Data to 2018 (furniture, appliances, tops, sinks/taps)
Key Market Indicator Trends to 2019
Total Fitted Kitchen Market & Integrated MDA Market Outlook: 2019/20 Projections

SECTION 2: The UK Integrated Major Domestic Appliance Market
Total UK Sales of Major Domestic Appliances: Value Trends to 2019
Integrated MDA Annual Value Growth vs Fitted Cabinetry Value Growth:
Trends to 2020
Integrated MDA Sales Volumes by Main Product Groups 2006-2019
Integrated MDA Sales Value by Main Product Groups 2006-2019
Integrated MDA Value vs Volume Growth Rates: 2010-2020
Integrated/Focus MDAs: Value by Sales Channel 2006-2018
Oven & Hob Sales Volume by Sales Channel: 2006-2018
Dishwasher & Refrigeration Sales Volume by Channel: 2006-2018
Volume Market Share by Sales Channel Cooking & Dishwasher/ Refrigeration: Trends
Oven Value Annual Growth vs Overall Integrated MDA Growth: Trends to 2020
Trends to 2020: Oven Type (gas, electric, single, double cavity)
Trends to 2020: Hob Type (gas, ceramic, induction, solid ring)
Note on Major MDA Supplier Brand Share
Summary of Major Multiple Kitchen Retailer MDA Activity

SECTION 3: Integrated Appliance Sales in the Specialist Retailer Sector
Specialist Sector Appliance Purchasing Trends to 2019
% Sales Including MDAs; Average Number of MDAs per Sale
% of Specialist Sales Including Cooking MDAs by Product Group: Trends to 2019
Oven Sales by Type (ie Gas or Electric, Single or Double): Trends to 2020
Hob Sales by Type (Gas, Solid Ring, Ceramic, Induction): Trends to 2020
% Sales Including Integrated Refrigeration by Type: Trends to 2018
Average Appliance Spend & % of Total Client Spend: Trends to 2018

SECTION 4: Market Background
The Fitted Kitchen Products Market: The Bigger Picture
The Long-term View: Socio-Demographic Factors, Changes in UK Housing
Type, The Retail Environment, Design Factors
Number of Kitchens Sold by Channel: Trends to 2018
The Fitted Kitchen Retail Base: Summary of Likely Key Developments

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