JKMR’s UK Fitted Kitchen Overview Report is used by major players in all sectors of the kitchen market, as well as global investment companies,

The report is a key tool for anyone wanting to know how the kitchen industry is developing, who and what is gaining share, and how a changing world will provide new opportunities and new challenges.

JKMR research is recognised as the most comprehensive analysis of the UK fitted kitchen market available, with long-term trends in market size, sales channel and major player performance, and product and price sector share. Unique analysis includes how the market divides between ‘trade’ and ‘consumer’, detailed trends for specialist studio performance and the changing face of the kitchen retail universe. In addition, the report provides a wide-ranging qualitative review of how wider economic, demographic, retail landscape, and consumer factors may continue to affect the shape the UK fitted kitchen market.

The UK fitted kitchen products market is a significant part of the overall UK home improvement market, with more than 1.2 million new kitchens purchased in 2019. While it has a fragmented supply chain both from manufacturer to retailer and retailer to householder, the last few years have seen clear trends in ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, and it is a market which is continuing to evolve.


The 2020 edition of JKMR’s Overview Report shows the UK fitted kitchen market entered the lockdown period in a strong position, with product income at client buying price having seen on-going improvement, enabling market size to near £4.4billion in 2019. With the market now facing a post-Covid world of the kitchen ever more important to householders but many householders less certain about their financial future, the kitchen market needs to understand how these contradictory factors will impact future market performance.

While much of the market is currently seeing a strong rebound after lockdown, it is still key to identify who went into lockdown strongest and why, in order to understand how new trading patterns are likely to develop. The Overview Report provides long-term trends in kitchen sales and sector drivers, enabling trading patterns and their relation to factors such as house prices and house moves to be recognised. Wide ranging analysis of external socio-economic factors looks at how changes in lifestyle, retailer-client and supplier-retailer relationships, and market conditions, post-Covid 19 will create new challenges but also new opportunities for the industry.

Clear comparisons of sales by major cabinetry manufacturers and the national retailers enables readers to identify ‘winners and losers’, and the report analyses why trading patterns of the ‘big names’ have seen such huge variation. Findings include how Howden’s growth is starting to slow, while Magnet and B&Q lost further share in 2019 – not least due to the expansion of Wren who are now the UK’s largest consumer facing kitchen retailer by a considerable margin.

Independent retailers remain the single largest sector in terms of market value, with their emphasis on higher cost kitchens; but their installation numbers are declining year on year, and this will continue to be a challenge to a sector which may well prove over-crowded over the next two years.

With retail activity and economic uncertainty on-going, as well as the imminent impact of Brexit on a market that is heavily dependent on EU based suppliers, the Overview Report provides in-depth analysis of the outlook for the fitted kitchen market into 2021, including which product and market sectors are likely to fare best in a more challenging market, and which will struggle to evolve to survive as the world around them changes.

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The Overview Report is published by JKMR the industry’s only company to specialise in fitted kitchen market B2B research and is a key tool for anyone wanting to identify growth drivers, declining sectors, the most dynamic players and reasons for their success.

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Management Summary
Section 1:
2019 Performance; Overall Market Size; Forecasts & Market Development
Synopsis of 2019 Fitted Kitchen Market Performance
**Key Market Indicators: Trend Data
2019 Kitchen Furniture Sales Value & Volume by Major Retailer/Retail Channel
2019 Major Operator & Key Channel Performance vs 2018
**Fitted Kitchen Market Size: Market Value & Installation Numbers
Total Value by Product Sector (units, integrated MDA, tops, sinks)
**Main Product Sector Value Indices
**Total Fitted Kitchen Products Value by Client (new build; RSL; household: Rental)
**Kitchens Sold by Major Routes to Market
** The Market 2020 & Beyond: Quantitative Forecasts
2020 Qualitative Review by Major Retailer/Channel
Volume Market Share by Main Retail Routes
Beyond the Pandemic
UK Fitted Kitchen Market: SWOT Analysis
**The Larger Picture: The Kitchen Buyer; Housing Market & New Build Factors;
The Retail Environment; Other Room Opportunities; The Long-Term View

Section 2: Fitted Furniture Market Size & Structure, Client Spend, Design
**Trends: Number of Kitchens Sold & MSP Value: UK vs Import Split
Import Sales Value by Country: Trends
Trends in Furniture Type Vol & Value (flat-pack; rigid; component; import)
Fitted Unit MSP Value Trends: ‘Trade’ vs ‘Consumer’
Trends in Kitchen Expenditure 2009-2019
**Sales Volume Distribution Trends for Price Sectors
**Kitchen Design Qualitative Review

Section 3: Retail Channel Data & Sector Spotlights
** Kitchens Sold: RSL vs New Build vs Private Landlord vs Refurb: Trends
Summary Kitchen Furniture Sales Trends: MSP & Volume by Channel
**Trends in Number & Type of Retail Outlets
**Qualitative Review of Potential Developments in the Kitchen Retail Base

**Sector Spotlights:
Specialist Sector
On-Line Kitchen Retailing
The ‘Facelift’ Sector
**Total Kitchen Product Sales Value by Type by Retail Channel: Trends

Section 4: Major Retailers & Fitted Furniture Suppliers
Kitchen Furniture Supply Base: Market Leader Trading Patterns
**Selected Major Players: 2019 & Outlook
Selected Larger Manufacturers: Kitchen Furniture Sales at MSP Trends
Major Multiple Site Kitchen Retailers: 2019 Sales & Operation Summary
Summary Data for Selected Major UK Fitted Kitchen Furniture Producers

Appendix: Demographics; House Building; Supply Structure

** Analysis with quantitative and/or qualitative data for 2020 and/or beyond

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