Each consumer insight study we undertake generates so much research data, it’s impossible to put it into one report.

This means our published consumer insight reports and behaviour studies can only show the edited highlights from each study, when behind these headlines there is a whole goldmine of information available to our Insight Partners

Welcome to Trend-Monitor Interactive.

Using online dashboards, Trend-Monitor Interactive puts you in charge of the research data and enables you to filter and analyse the numbers to find the relevant headlines for your brand.

What else can you do with Trend-Monitor Interactive?


Really understand where your category is heading

Seven category-specific reports delivered to your inbox covering:-

– Purchase Trends, Consumer Insight
– Product Usage in the Home
– Market Overview Statistics
– Design & Innovation Trends
– Consumer Trend Analysis
– Retail Trend Analysis
– Global Megatrend Analysis

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Got a burning question that needs a quick response?

Ask our mini-poll panel.  
A bit of fun for PR purposes or a snapshot of public opinion about your latest product idea.  Send us your question and we’ll get you up to a 1000 responses from a nationally representative sample within 48 hours.

Trend-Monitor mini-polls

Track your brand positioning with our industry brand tracker

With low brand awareness across many kitchen and bathroom categories, coupled with long purchase cycles, it can be difficult to monitor your brand.
Our brand tracker is run on a regular basis to enable our partners to understand how consumer awareness and perceptions of their brand are developing over a period of  time and in comparison to competitor brands

Broaden your trend horizons

There’s alot of market information out there if you’ve got time to search it out and what is relevant to other industries and markets, may also be relevant to you

The Trend-Monitor Secondary Research Library is a curated list of relevant, validated, industry white papers and research reports, issued by a range of different organisations; government bodies, trade organisations, housing associations, house-builders,manufacturers, multiple retailers, universities, charities and many more.


Save valuable time

Trade shows are great; they are inspirational, motivational and forward focused.

They are also time-consuming, expensive and often overwhelming and confusing. 

Our trade show guides cut through the noise and bring you the all the latest trends from the most influential UK and international trade shows, straight to your in-box