We talk to colour consultant for Crown Paints, Justyna Korczynska, and discuss how social trends and global events influence the brand’s new colour launches

Interview by Emma Hedges

TM: How does Crown go about choosing its new season’s colours?

JK: When choosing new trends, it is important to look at the bigger picture and things that influence our lives as a whole, not only our home décor choices. Everything is connected.

When choosing new trends, it is important to look at the bigger picture and things that influence our lives as a whole, everything is connected – Justyna Korczynska @crownpaints Click To Tweet

This is why our Crown Colour ‘influences team’ is made up of people with slightly different backgrounds and different fields of interest – so when we bring together our findings, they cover a wide range of aspects and drivers that can shape our choices.

Obviously, we do follow the key design shows across Europe, as those are the places that influence the main colour and style trends for the coming year. But we also look at any major events that are happening, important scientific discoveries and global movements, or even the political situation that influences us and forms our mindsets.

From all our findings we can usually see several clear drivers and directions for the future. Adding our expertise in colour and interior design as well as colour psychology, we are able then to form our new season’s colour collections.

TM: What led to this year’s choices?

JK: Currently there is strong global trend revolving around our environmental consciousness and personal wellbeing. Plastic pollution and recycling as well as growing popularity of a vegan lifestyle and a drive to be more mindful in our everyday choices and their impact on our health and the planet – these are quite strong drivers behind two of Crown’s SS 2020 Trends.

Sustainability is key to our Rethink trend while Connect highlights the importance of nature for our health and wellbeing.

Additionally to highlighting the importance of sustainability in our trends, Crown Paints as a company is very conscious about environmental issues. This is why most of our paint is made using our unique Breatheasy formulation, which is 99% solvent free. As of  this year all our Breatheasy matt, silk and feature-wall emulsion is now certified as Asthma & Allergy Friendly, to help create a healthier indoor environment and limit exposure to airborne triggers of asthma and allergies. What’s more, we are proud to say that our plastic paint containers are made from 100% post consumer waste (PCW), making us the first paint manufacturer in the UK to do so.

TM: Which colours do you expect to be on trend next?

JK: After several years of greys keeping the lead, we’re predicting that in the near feature these hues will slowly be losing their position in favour of other shades. Greys will still remain strong as versatile complementary colours, but as a standalone colour unconventional grey shades, with interesting undertones will be more sought after. 

I do believe there is a strong link between social trends and global drivers and our colour choices. For example, at the moment we are more conscious about our wellbeing and our impact on the planet. A lot is happening now globally around the environmental issues and it turns our attention back to nature, and as a result, we do see now an increase of popularity in green shades. From lovely rich and calming khaki shades, like our Khaki Twist, through new trendy neo mint, like our new Revival colour. Deep and more sophisticated greens are also starting to be very popular, like our new Botanical Noir.

We also see more interest around Blues, especially strong and defined blue shades. In our opinion, for the coming year cobalt blue will be a leading trend colour among the blue colour family. For an example, see our new trend colour, Into the Blue.

TM: Is it important for brands to get on board with colour trends?

JK: Yes, definitely. We know, from colour psychology, that colours are really important for our senses and they can alter the way we feel. If the colours in our homes or other spaces around us, are in sync with our current needs we will feel in balance and content.

People like to follow trends and fashion, to be part of a group, to feel included, to go forward. Especially now, with every new trend being able to reach very wide audience through social media platforms and online influencers.

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