Jeremy Fletcher, COO of all-inclusive rental service Tipi, talks to Trend-Monitor about the key trends behind the design of the communal areas in the company’s new apartment blocks.

Interview by Emma Hedges

TM. Can you tell us a bit about Tipi and how it came about?

JF. Tipi was born of the need to provide a new rental experience. We wanted to take a co-ordinated approach to ‘renting as a service,’ where customer service was just as important as the accommodation itself.

By putting renters’ needs at the heart of the rental experience, we forged a new outlook and ethos, which then led to the birth of Tipi. That new outlook has seen us undertake everything from offering no-deposit renting and flexible and longer-term tenancy contracts, to forming partnerships with John Lewis and Samsung to provide the furnishings and appliances in our brand-new Tipi apartments. It’s about delivering the best service and the best products to our residents at every opportunity. 

TM.How much has the evolution of ‘Generation Rent’ influenced Tipi, and what is it that today’s renters want?

JF. Hugely! The needs of Generation Rent have been at the core of how Tipi has developed and how the company continues to evolve. Today’s renters want a number of things – well-located homes, superb on-site facilities, their own unique piece of the urban lifestyle and an easy set-up. We’ve taken all of this on board, with features including pet-friendly apartments, all-inclusive rents, plug-and-play ultrafast WiFi, outstanding working-from-home facilities, roof terraces with outdoor cinemas, and so much more. Ultimately, it’s about offering a rental service that is incredibly user-friendly and where residents can feel just how important they are. 

The needs of Generation Rent have been at the core of how Tipi has developed – Jeremy Fletcher, COO of Tipi @TipiLondon Click To Tweet

TM. How do you think that the way in which people live in their homes has changed and how has Tipi tried to addressed this?

One of the major changes that we’ve seen is the move towards experiential living. Tipi has addressed this through the provision of a wide range of shared social spaces.

These differ in each of our buildings in order to provide renters with maximum choice. In Landsby, for example, we’ve included a resident kitchen and private dining room, a lounge, podium gardens and roof terraces. The huge resident kitchen is the heart of the building. Residents are free to enjoy it as they see fit and in recent months it has housed everything from pizza nights to supper clubs hosted by Masterchef finalists. The private dining room is the ideal extension to the kitchen, providing residents with even greater opportunities to host and participate in events. The lounge has also proven extremely popular as a social hub, as well as a venue for laid back working from home.

In Alameda, our latest Wembley Park building due to open on 10th June, we’ve included a signature roof garden with outdoor cinema screen and two BBQs with seating, all with an incredible view of the iconic Wembley Stadium arch. 

TM. The ‘working from home trend’ seems to have influenced the way in which Landsby has been designed – tell us a bit about the key elements of this?

JF. Landsby – along with Alameda – has been designed to enable residents to enjoy all the benefits of working from home while also cutting out some of the isolation that that lifestyle can entail.

In individual apartments, stable WiFi connections allow residents to plug in as soon as they arrive. In our dedicated home-working spaces residents can work in peace while also enjoying the company of fellow work-from-home professionals. We’ve provided kitchen facilities too, so that residents can grab a coffee or some lunch without it interrupting their workflow any more than it needs to. And, of course, all of our shared working spaces include free 100mb/s WiFi. 

TM. What further changes do you see happening that will affect the way people live in their homes in the future? What elements will future Tipi developments be taking into account?

JF. We expect to see even more of a shift towards home working, which is why our latest building, Alameda, has such an impressive work-from-home space. That’s something we will continue to evolve with future developments. 

We expect to see even more of a shift towards home working – Jeremy Fletcher, COO of Tipi @TipiLondon Click To Tweet

We also expect the size of the private rented sector will continue to grow and that people will rent until later in life. This will influence the kind of social spaces that we add to Tipi’s buildings, as well as features such as a selection of homes being pet-friendly. We will also continue to evolve the ‘renting as a service’ model in order to provide outstanding customer service as an integral part of the rental experience.

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