As the industry expert in consumer trends and insights, Trend-Monitor’s research director Jane Blakeborough is regularly invited to speak at KBB trade events, podcasts, forums and panels. 

Jane has worked with some of the industry’s biggest brands to help them understand their customers attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.  She discusses the big picture global megatrends down to the microtrends that impact our behaviours in our own homes and passes on a wide range of powerful insights which are invaluable for manufacturers and multiple retailers who target the UK home improvement market

Industry Talks by Jane Blakeborough, Trend-Monitor

About Jane Blakeborough

Jane first became interested in consumer trends and behaviours almost 20 years ago whilst working for a company which sourced bathroom products for UK distributors.  Many a time she asked the questions why do you want these products? or who are they for? The buyers requesting the products didn’t have the answers, they were only wanted the products in their range because their competitors had them. 

This set Jane off on a mission to really understand what consumers want for their homes and to generate insight that supports intelligent buying decisions, successful new product development and effective marketing communications.  And so Trend-Monitor was born.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Trend-Monitor is now the leading authority on how consumers use their homes and what motivates them to purchase home improvement products.  As a result, Jane delivers a fast-paced, thought-provoking talk that covers a wide spectrum of influential trends, from global megatrends right down to individual behavioural trends.   

“Really enjoyed your presentation Jane! Was so interesting”

“An excellent session very well delivered, lots of interesting insights”

“Fantastic presentation. Trends/fads.. and dogs.. “

A regular speaker and contributor at industry events