This week, we are delighted that our consumer insight research is being discussed on the Kitchen & Bathroom Design Podcast.

The weekly podcast is hosted by the team at Taylist Media in association with KBB Birmingham, and each week Andy Davies is joined by the editors of kbbreview, Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms and Studio magazines to talk about the latest trends, interview leading designers and generally pick apart the details of what’s happening in the world of kitchen and bathroom design.

Trend-Monitor was asked to provide a series of facts gathered from our bathroom and kitchen behavioural studies, highlighting how people really use their kitchens and bathrooms.

The podcast is in a quiz format, with the team using their industry knowledge to have a go at estimating things like the number of new bathrooms that include a bath, which kitchen items are the most difficult to store, how many kitchens have a warming drawer, what percentage of kitchens can only seat 2 people comfortably, how often do we flush the toilet …. and much more.

The team also discussed the impact these facts could potentially have on the way kitchens and bathrooms are designed

The facts we provided were taken from the following reports:-
Bathroom Purchasing Trends, Consumer Insight
Behind the Bathroom Door, A Study of Bathroom Habits and Behaviours
Kitchen Purchasing Trends, Consumer Insight
Kitchen Behaviours and Product Usage
Plus our regular mini-polls

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