When it comes to interior design, hotels have become a force to be reckoned with

Last year’s hospitality design exhibition Sleep + Eat attracting a record number of visitors and featured more than 150 international exhibitors.

“Hotels afford their guests a little more time to slow down and connect with their immediate environment so they hold great opportunity as a design influencer.You only have to read online reviews to see that many guests appreciate the design and, if they enjoy their stay, they are likely to want to replicate some of what they see in their homes.”

Mark Gordon, Brand Director of the show.

Sarah Evans, Head of Channel Marketing at Hansgrohe, who are regular exhibitors at the show, agrees.

“Hotel bathrooms have come a long way from being purely functional areas and have now become one of the most memorable parts of the hospitality experience.More customers are taking inspiration from hotels they have stayed in across the world. When you combine this with the growing trends for customisation and ‘wellness’ within the bathroom, it is understandable how hotel design elements are being incorporated into private homes like never before.”

Japanese brand Toto has recently been getting some traction with its Washlet shower toilet in the UK, which to some extent UK Specification Manager Floyd Case attributes to the role luxury hotels have played in showcasing the product.

“The Washlet is a relatively new experience for UK consumers, but international travellers are constantly being exposed to the latest technology and designs and want to bring it into their own projects back home,” he says.

Last year Sleep + Eat introduced a restaurant and bar component to its hotel design focus. “We were aware of the growing convergence between restaurants, bars and hotels in creating the full hospitality experience. Our research towards the end of the 2017 among exhibitors, visitors and the many other stake holders who had contributed to Sleep over the years bore this out, hence the additional ‘Eat’ component last year,” explains Gordon.

A look at the latest contemporary kitchens in the domestic home will confirm how designers are borrowing elements such as banquette seating and breakfast bars from restaurant and bar design -Mark Gordon, Brand Director@SleepEatEvent Click To Tweet

So what about the focus of this year’s show?

“The social aspect of hotels, whether that’s meeting people over a coffee in the lobby, a cocktail in the bar or dinner in the restaurant, has arguably never been more valuable than it is today, when so many of us lead digitally isolating lives. This is a theme we are going to be considering in Sleep + Eat this year”

Mark Gordon, Brand Director Sleep + Eat Event

And where does he see the growing influence of hotels heading next?

“Shared space in private homes has become very open plan but this can feel a little inflexible, especially if there are several generations to satisfy,” he says. “Hotels are now starting to experiment with how they can create flexible public areas that can serve the differing needs of all their guests at any time.”

Mark Gordon, Brand DirectorSleep + Eat Event
When it comes to interior design, hotels have become a force to be reckoned with@SleepEatEvent Click To Tweet

This year’s Sleep + Eat will take place from 19th – 20th November 2019 at Olympia Londonwww.sleepandeatevent.com


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