This report by Ring, the home security company, examines changing attitudes towards our homes and reveals that over half of Britons (53%) are viewing their homes in a more positive light since the initial stages of lockdown.

Home: A New Meaning sets out to uncover the impact that more than 12 weeks of lockdown has had on consumers’ attitudes towards the physical spaces they call home.

Ring worked with an independent research team to conduct a survey amongst 2000 people across the United Kingdom, featuring questions designed to uncover what home now means to people and to explore how consumers’ relationships with their home might have changed for better or worse.

Alongside this representative consumer research, an expert in the field of interior design – Samantha Watkins McRae – offers her insight into how lockdown has changed home layouts, and what impact this will have in the future.

Additionally, Ring sought the expertise of Dale Southerton, a professor in Sociology of Consumption and Organisation from the University of Bristol, to explore the changing intersection between contemporary homes, domestic spaces and emerging technologies.

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