Personalisation is the tailoring of a service or product to accommodate an individual’s requirement, and is now widely regarded as a global megatrend

In this video/webinar Jane Blakeborough, Research Director at Trend-Monitor joins Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director of Daval Furniture, to explain the importance of Personalisation and how the K&B industry can tap into this megatrend

Consumers world-wide are demanding personalised products and services; from fashion to cars, holidays to fitness programmes, birthday cards to trainers. This is a trend that crosses continents, industries, age groups and genders.

This demand has been made possible by mass customisation. Historically the ability to customise a product could only be achieved by the smaller bespoke makers who were agile enough to adapt products on the go. Now digital technology has enabled larger manufacturing companies to provide the personalisation and flexibility of custom-made manufacturing, but on a large scale.

The advent of 3d printing has also been a key driver for personalisation. The potential this technology has to push product customisation to new heights has caused economic and social theorists such as Jeremy Rifkin to claimed that 3D printing signals the beginning of a third industrial revolution and the demise of the production line.

Personalisation is a trend that crosses continents, industries, age groups and genders, and is now widely regarded as a global megatrend #personalisation #globalmegatrend Click To Tweet

Personalised products and services demand a premium, which supports the consumer trend for Premiumisation. This refers to a growing movement towards being more selective about what we buy, to invest in fewer, but better products and services tailored specifically to our needs, and reflecting our personality and taste.

Another driver of the personalisation trend in the increasing interest in smart home technology, which learns and adapts to our lifestyle and personalises the output accordingly. For example, Sharp’s Love2Cook Smart oven is integrated with connected cooking platform Innit, which adapts and personalises recipes according to users’ preferences and dietary requirements.

It is this intuitive learning which leads to the trade-off between personalisation and privacy, with concerns being raised about the amount of private data being collected in order for the technology to adapt accordingly. How and where this data is used, stored or distributed both now and in the future is an area that will continue to require careful management in order to alleviate consumer’s fears about privacy and security breeches.

Personalisation and the Home

Nowhere is personalisation more relevant than in the home, and this has led to the ubiquitous uniformity of Minimalism slowly giving way to the exubrance of Maximalism.

KBB manufacturers have grasped the concept of personalisation and it has been a key theme throughout the latest international trade shows such as ISH, Cevisama and KBB Birmingham.

The home is the greatest way to self-express

Simon Bodsworth, MD of Daval Furniture

Design trends such as the return of the kitchen handle, brassware in every colour and finish, the gradual introduction of colour to our kitchens and bathrooms, plus bespoke options to display our personal effects rather than hide them away, all support the consumer drive for personalisation

One of the key drivers for our new love of Maximalism is the trend for Personalisation, allowing us to create a home that reflects our character and taste #maximalism #interiordesigntrends Click To Tweet

Lifestyle Personalisation

As the kitchen continues to become the hub of the home, and the bathroom moves towards being our sanctuary and wellness spa, making these areas personal to the lifestyle of the household becomes more and more important.

By understanding the changing structure of UK families and households, along with our ageing population, increased urbanisation and flexible working habits, manufacturers and designers can create products and living spaces that work multi-functionally, and that can be personalised to each member of the household.

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