Fridge-Freezers are the Coolest Appliances

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Fridge-freezers are not just for storing food, they are about to get a whole lot more funky, according to the Which? team after their visit to IFA in Berlin in September 2017.

As Samsung, Liebherr, Bosch and Panasonic reveal the fridge-freezers of the future, you could find your next fridge customised in your favourite colour, telling you what’s left of your weekly shop without you having to open the door, or letting you know when your meat has gone off.

1) See inside your fridge without opening the door

A simple camera inside the fridge can transmit images of what’s inside your fridge freezer, which could be handy if you tend to forget whether you have any milk while you’re in the supermarket.   The images are clear enough to see what’s on the shelves and in the door of your fridge.

Sounds expensive? The good news is this technology doesn’t have to cost the earth, because Smarter is about to launch a £99 fridge camera that can be installed in any fridge. Or, if you want something a bit more slick there’s the LG Instaview, that has a panel of opaque black glass on the fridge door which becomes crystal clear when you knock on it twice.

2) Personalise your fridge freezer

Fridge freezers across the colour spectrum are nothing new, with Smeg traditionally offering more choice and variety than any other brand. But Bosch has just gone one step further with its new Vario range of fridge freezers.

Not only will there be 19 colours to choose from, 13 of which are due to launch in the UK next month, but you’ll also be able to swap colours whenever you feel like it. The coloured doors sell as a separate product – albeit at a pretty hefty price of round £160 each – to the specially-designed fridge freezer.  Perfect if you want to match your fridge-freezer with a new colourful food mixer or kettle.

And if that’s not personalised enough, Liebherr is playing with the idea of letting you plaster one of your favourite photos on your fridge freezer.

3)  Check if your meat’s fresh

Grundig’s FreshMeter prototype is a compartment for fresh meat that has a special sensor at the back. This sensor analyses the odours and gas emissions from your meat, then a traffic light display panel tells you whether the meat is fresh, past its best and needing to be eaten, or bad and not safe to eat.

If it works, it should help you to waste less food, while also potentially saving yourself from a nasty bout of food poisoning.

4) Rapid cooling and freezing

How about, instead of just a fridge and a freezer, your fridge freezer also included a compartment that can be used as either fridge or freezer and a fast-freezer chamber that that can rapidly cool to -30 degrees centigrade.

Such rapid freezing should help to preserve meat and fish in shop-bought condition – or you could just use it chill a bottle of wine in next to no time.

Beko concept fridge

Beko Concept Fridge


Metal storage trays, designed to accelerate the cooling of meat and fish, helping it to stay fresh and flavoursome are also being introduced.   Beko’s concept fridge lets you put warm saucepans with leftovers in them straight into the fridge. The metal shelf is supposed to absorb the heat of the pan without sending the temperature in your fridge soaring.

5) Wine Cooler included

Tempted by a wine cooler but don’t have enough space, or put off by the price?

integrated wine cooler

The answer could be the new fridge-freezer format which includes a decent-sized wine cooler.

Source:  Which?