We surveyed over 1,000 UK householders to find out about kitchen behaviours.Here’s a very small snippet of what we learned.

#1: Warming Up

An appliance that seems to be gaining popularity is the plate warming drawer and, overall, 9% of households own one.But if we look at the kitchens installed within the past year, as many as one in four kitchens have a warming drawer, where as 10 years ago, this was only one in twenty.

In households that own a warming drawer, 31% are used daily, while 14% are never used.

Warming drawers are actually used for plenty of activities other than heating plates – 35% are used for defrosting, 31% for melting butter or chocolate, 30% used for proving dough, and 29% are used for slow cooking casseroles.

#2: Hot Topic

As many as 90% of UK households own a microwave oven.

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Reheating food is the main use for microwaves, with 35% of respondents mostly heating up ready meals in them and 29% mostly reheating leftovers.

Microwaves are also used for defrosting, which 11% use their microwave for, and 11% also use it to cook vegetables.

Out of the small percentage of households without a microwave, over half say this is because they wouldn’t use one, and 38% don’t have enough space for one.

#3: Cold Comfort

It turns out that for many the kitchen is a chilly place to be in the house, with 16% of respondents saying their kitchens do not have adequate heating.

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Central heating radiators are the main source of heating in most kitchens (73%), however 19% of kitchens do not have any heating source whatsoever.

When it comes to secondary sources of heating, 8% of kitchens have an additional way to heat their kitchen, with plinth heaters proving to be the most popular at 28%, closely followed by log burners and multi-fuel stoves at 24%.

#4:  Tech Savvy

We’re increasingly using technology in the kitchen, with 19% of households using a voice-activated virtual assistant device such as Alexa – a figure that increases to 32% for households with an income bracket of over £50,000.

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When it comes to how they use voice control, 13% of households with a voice-activated virtual assistant use it to control kitchen appliances – this increases to 41% for kitchens that have been installed within the past year.

Added to that, 4% of households use a tablet or mobile phone to control kitchen appliances, and this increases to 17% for kitchens installed within the past year.

#5: All Washed Up

Almost half of all households have a dishwasher, although when it comes to single-person households, over 70% don’t have one.

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It seems that 20-30 age group tend not to have a dishwasher because they don’t have the space for one, whereas the over-60s tend not to have a dishwasher because they actually wouldn’t use it.

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When it comes to washing up in the sink, the preferred way to dry items for over half of households is to leave them to drain and put them away later.

One in four households dry items straight away, with male householders over 5 percentage points more likely to dry straight away than female householders.

Kitchen Behaviours and Product Usage report

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