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A bit of fun for PR purposes or a snapshot of public opinion about your latest product idea.  Send us your question and we’ll get you up to a 1000 responses from a nationally representative sample within 48 hours.

Consumer mini-poll panels are a great way to get up-to-the-minute reliable poll data across a range of topics relevant to your market, with the data presented back to you in a simple user-friendly way.

Our consumer panels are being run in partnership with Panelbase, one of the UK’s most respected research panels with over 240,000 adult respondents.  They are members of the British Polling Council and their polls are regularly used by some of the UK’s leading business and consumer press.


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Case study

National Quiet Day

When Whirlpool PR team were looking for data to support their press release for National Quiet Day, they asked Trend-Monitor to find out how noisy people thought their washing machines were in comparison say to rustling leaves or at the other end of the scale, an aeroplane taking off.

We were able to get them 1300 responses within 24 hours, the results of which were published in their press release and used in this infographic.


How many questions can I ask?

Our mini-poll service allows one question only per poll, so it is important to think about the structure of the question in order to achieve the best response.

If you are wanting to ask more questions, an Omnibus Survey would be a better option.  This will allow for a number of linked questions, with the response data delivered via an interactive dashboard for filtering and drilling down into the data.

Can images or videos form part of the question?

Yes, images or videos can be incorporated into the question structure.  

What is a nationally representative sample?

A ‘nat. rep.’ sample reflects the entire population of the UK in it’s structure, for example the numbers of men v women will match the national proportions.  The variables used for a UK nat. rep. sample are age, gender, region and social class.

How are the results presented?

The results are presented as a bar chart, with the data tabled below as count and percentage.


Who can see the mini-poll results?

We publish the results of all our free mini-polls on this website and allow the statistics to be used by third parties on the understanding that Trend-Monitor is credited as the originator of the data.

If you are one of our Free Insight Partners, the results will be confidential to you for a period of 3 months.  After that the results will be published on our website.

Some examples of our Consumer Panel mini-polls