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Kitchen Design and Innovation Trends Report 2019


This report looks at the key trends that influence the way we use our kitchens and highlights the innovations that tap into these trends, not just within the kitchen industry but also the wider environment

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The pace of innovation within the kitchen industry is phenomenal and this is never more obvious than when visiting the big trade shows such as CES in Las Vegas, LivingKitchen in Cologne or Eurocucina in Milan.

In its truest sense, innovation means providing ideas out of the blue, leading to significant discoveries and achievements, and it was tempting to include in this report everything new, interesting or exciting that we’d seen on our travels.

However, at Trend-Monitor we take a more focused approach and our starting point is always the  societal shifts that influence the way we use our kitchens. From here we highlight how manufacturers, designers and innovators are reacting to these shifts, not just within the kitchen industry, but also with an eye on the wider environments.

Innovation is an iterative process and with this in mind we have no hesitation in featuring products that are still at development stage. These early prototypes are nonetheless significant and earn their place in this report by addressing a strong consumer need or requirement for the kitchen space.

The seven key trends featured in this report are relevant to changing consumer attitudes which impact on kitchen behaviours, and it is interesting to note the way in which these trends interact with each other and how a number of the innovations have the ability to address more than one trend at a time

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Design and Innovation in the Bathroom Market 2018


This report tracks design and innovation trends, both within the bathroom market and the wider environments. 

Our design and innovation team evaluates new innovations, designs and technology for bathrooms, looking beyond the latest colour and material fads to provide a clear picture for new product development teams.


This report will be published in April 2019

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