Bathroom Product Purchase Process, Consumer Insight 2018


This report evaluates the ‘how, what, why and where’  decisions within the consumer purchase process for a complete new bathroom.

The research investigates the motivations behind the purchase of a complete bathroom (or cloakroom), where consumers research prior to purchase, how they chose between different products, the barriers to sales, the major influences during the process, why a retail outlet is chosen and much more.

For this purposes of this research, TREND-MONITOR was pleased to partner with the BATHROOM MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION, an independent forum for bathroom manufacturers trading in the UK.

This partnership has resulted in a focused piece of industry research that is directly relevant to manufacturers and retailers in the bathroom sector and answers some important questions in terms of end user purchase behaviours


This report will be published in October 2018, with the key highlights being revealed at
the Bathroom Manufacturers Association Annual Conference
on 16th October 2018

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If you don’t receive this code by the end of October, please contact the BMA.


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