The eight bathroom trends featured in this report highlight the evolving role of the domestic bathroom and focus on the shifts in consumer attitudes that are driving this change and impacting on bathroom design and innovation.

Our bathrooms are changing; they are slowly coming out from behind the closed door and merging with the rest of the home. 

The fast pace of technology and advances in manufacturing processes has enabled the bathroom to become more integrated into the home as a whole.  Coupled with a greater interest in bathroom design, both within the industry and as a consumer trend, this is no longer a space to be shut away.

With colour now firmly back on the bathroom design agenda, as showcased at ISH this year, society’s desire for personalisation can now easily be achieved in the bathroom.

And as the global trend for wellness develops into a more active concept that includes everything from sport, work-life balance, stress management, through to healthy eating concepts, the bathroom continues to play a key role, aided by technological advances which enable monitoring of health and collection of vital data, to ultimately help prevent future disease.

However, the developing role of the bathroom is not without its problems in terms of space, aesthetics and functionality. The changing structure of our households means that the bathroom often has to accommodate a range of different ages and requirements. And whilst our new build houses continue to decrease in size, the demand for an optimum number of bathrooms per dwelling hasn’t diminished.

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