Bathroom Behaviours and Product Usage Report 2018

Trend-Monitor Bathroom Behaviour and Product Usage

This report is the result of a 7-day diary study which follows 50 UK householders as they go about their daily bathroom activities, and offers a real understanding into bathroom behaviours and product usage. 

The study is in the format of an online interactive diary with two-way, real-time communication between the researchers and the participants.  This enables daily tasks to be set, further details requested, images and videos uploaded, different workday and rest day behaviours to be captured, and much more.

By conducting diary studies which follow homeowners in real time as they use products within their homes, we are able to provide true insights into where product improvements can be made and the opportunities for new product development.

This report will be published in October 2018, with the highlights being revealed at
the Bathroom Manufacturers Association Annual Conference
on 16 October 2018

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Note: This report is a collaboration between Trend-Monitor and the Bathroom Manufacturer’s Association.  If you are member of the BMA, you will receive a promo code when the report becomes available which will allow you to access this report. 

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