This mini-poll looks at how often we argue about the amount of time other members of our household spend in the shower.

Having listened to many of our friends complaining that they were not able to get in the shower because one of their kids was taking so long in there,  we were quite surprised to see that over 50% of households never had any arguments about showering.

We do, however, feel sorry for the 3% of households that argue on a daily basis over the monopolisation of the shower.



7% of households have daily or weekly arguments about the amount of time another household member spends in the shower #behindthebathroomdoor #bathroombehaviours Click To Tweet

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Our ‘Behind the Bathroom Door’ report is the result of a 7-day diary study which followed 50 UK householders as they went about their daily bathroom activities, and offers a real understanding into bathroom behaviours and product usage.

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